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There are a lot of participants in a real estate sales transaction – buyers, inspectors, lenders, title examiners, escrow officers, and all the friendly advice from neighbors. You need someone working for you as your professional advisor facilitating the various components of the transaction and helping you navigate the decision-making process and protecting your interest throughout the process making sure you are informed every step of the way. I work hard for my clients and would welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Determine Market Positioning and Pricing.
I will do the research, analyze the market data, and meet with you to discuss the comparative features of your home, and suggested listing price for your property. I value your input in this process and welcome all information you have about investments you’ve made in the home, and we will collaborate on the best positioning for your property in today’s market. I will also keep you informed of up to date information on competing properties.

Setting the Stage.
I will make recommendations and help you to most efficiently and effectively ‘stage’ your home to prepare for marketing photography, videography, and drone video where allowed. I use professional photographers to best position your home to attract prospective buyers and showcase it in the best possible ways. I also work with you to prepare the home for buyer showings and prepare you for the showing and feedback process.

I bring decades of marketing expertise to every real estate listing. I will tailor a specific marketing program for your property and actively track the performance of each tactic to get the best results for you. We help you market and sell your home with technology-based marketing, social media, and targeted placement that adds value with results.

Contract to Closing
I’ll facilitate the offer selection process, negotiate with the buyer or buyer’s agent on your behalf throughout the process from home inspection to appraisal, always working to get to agreeable terms, finalize the agreement, and ensure smooth closing.

Sales Coach
Regardless of the reason, you are selling your home, there will be emotional moments of reflection and transitions are not always easy. I get that and am your ally in helping you reach the goal of selling your home and moving on to new adventures. Once you decide to sell your home, it can be helpful to start thinking of yourself as a businessperson and a home seller, rather than as the home’s owner. By looking at the transaction from a purely financial perspective, you’ll distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling the property that you’ve undoubtedly created many memories in. Together we can focus on putting in the extra effort of staging, catching up on any deferred maintenance, and perhaps some minor updating to refresh and get a great price for your home.

ERA Landmark Team – Depth & Breadth of Resources
When you engage my services to sell your home, you are also getting a complete team of ERA professionals working on your behalf. For more than 40 years, ERA Landmark has defined its reputation for expertise, integrity, quality, and service. We know that having all the facts makes for a better real estate experience. We analyze over 60 market trends and indicators on a monthly basis, so we can provide the most current info to you. Our internal marketing team utilizes professional, innovative tools and time-tested techniques, including the latest in digital advertising to offer maximum exposure of your property. One of the key responsibilities for ERA marketing is to ensure your listings are viewed by as many consumers as possible.
To that end, we have created an aggressive online listing distribution strategy to secure the most visible, effective, and appropriate distribution channels. In addition to ERA Landmark websites, your listings may appear on dozens of channel following sites based on your property qualifications.