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Cheryl has business management consulting experience and can be a knowledgeable resource for your real estate projects in a variety of ways. Her natural sales approach is consultative in nature, leading clients through scenarios to guide their real estate decisions and find the best possible outcome for their needs. She provides real estate, planning, and marketing services for builders, homeowners, and developers of all types. Cheryl provides market research and analysis to help clients competitively position their products in terms of design, pricing, marketing and sales strategy.Each client engagement is tailored to their specific needs in order to provide professional support to achieve the desired outcomes.

Subdivision Planning & Development –
Cheryl has led business development and planning teams for market expansion, location selection, land acquisition, subdivision infrastructure development, vertical construction design & development, and managed construction oversight for residential and commercial development, plus the market launch and marketing rollout.

Property Owners Association Guidance & Management –
Cheryl provides governance advisory for developers and boards of property owners associations to help steer their course to properly manage their organizations. She works with commercial, mixed use, and residential property owners’ associations to develop an operating structure for boards and owners. If you are a developer setting up a new association or transitioning from a declarant role, Cheryl can guide you through this process. If you are a board struggling with self-management, or needing assistance transitioning from one property management company to another, she can help you over the hurdles. Cheryl works closely with your identified legal counsel to update your governing documents, and help you put a structure in place to operate the organization in accordance with your covenants and bylaws.

Universal Design & Its Role in Loving Where You Live –
The principals of universal design can contribute greatly to the functionality of a home environment and make your home livable for you well into your advanced years. The features within a home that are created with universal design in mind, work well for occupants of all ages as well as multi-generational living arrangements. Incorporating these elements into your home design or making modifications along the way will help you create a welcoming environment for all and eliminate barriers and challenges to every day living. Cheryl obtained her CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) designation from the National Association of Home Builders in 2013. This became instrumental in her work with active adult subdivision planning. Cheryl can work with developers, builders, or general contractors who also embrace planning to enhance lifestyles of all ages and generations, and can help individual clients and families identify their real estate needs and plan for future transitions.