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Commercial Property Management

An investment property has the potential to provide a significant income stream when managed effectively. As real estate professionals, we understand and appreciate the effort that goes into taking care of investment homes, complexes, and commercial properties. Engaging professional property management can be a great investment in minimizing risk, attracting and retaining tenants, and maintaining property values.

Commercial & Association Property Management –
Cheryl spearheads Commercial & Association services through RTE Property Group, LLC in the Greater Gallatin Valley, Big Sky, and Livingston markets. She leads the property management team to provide a full range of services for commercial & mixed-use properties, commercial associations, and residential homeowners associations. We understand the importance of management controls as integral to the success of our client’s business. We strive to provide exceptional services to enhance the work environment for occupants within our managed properties. For specific information on commercial property management, visit

Long Term Residential Property Management –
If you are an owner of residential investment property, we encourage you to explore professional property management services. Using professional management offers many advantages and protection for property owners. Not only are the property managers your ‘boots on the ground’ when someone puts a sock in the dishwasher, or the heating goes out at 3:00 AM on a Sunday morning and you are a continent away, they also keep you in compliance with state laws and local governance ordinances. Having a professional management company as your partner lets you focus on growing your real estate portfolio, enjoying life, and not worrying about the day to day operation and management of your properties. If you are interested in exploring residential management services, please contact me and I’m happy to share contact information for various companies in our market.

Vacation Rental Management –
One main advantage of dedicating your investment property to vacation rental is you get to use your property whenever you like and generate income too! As noted above, in my opinion there is no substitute for having professional vacation rental property managers if you want to minimize risk, attract repeat guests, and if your true intent is to generate a return on your investment and maintain a quality vacation property. There are many owners who love the DIY approach, and are willing to do all the operational tasks required to manage a vacation home, but if you are not one of them and are considering professional vacation rental management for your home, visit

If you are considering a real estate purchase for the intent of using it as a short-term rental or vacation home, please consult with the managing partners at Stay Montana. Montana is a unique market. They are a great resource to give you expert advice on what you can expect in this market and for a specific property. Past rental history performance is not always an indicator of future potential in changing market conditions, new or changing inventory, emerging technology, best practices, and industry standards. As market experts, they can help you create the right circumstances for a property to reach its full potential, and give you realistic projections to use when making purchase decisions.

Cheryl Ridgely Real Estate has an ownership interest in RTE Property Group, LLC and Stay Montana, LLC property management and vacation rental companies. Cheryl Ridgely Real Estate is an independent contractor and Cheryl Ridgely is a licensed realtor with ERA Landmark Real Estate. RTE Property Group and Stay Montana are not affiliated with ERA and are independently operated from ERA Landmark Real Estate and ERA Franchise Systems LLC.